At Index, we understand how a dynamic IT infrastructure must comply with your business needs for it to yield the best results. Our team of highly trained engineers design and implement IT infrastructure that works for a client’s individual needs that help protect them today and help them grow tomorrow. Trusting IT solutions to Index reduces overall IT costs, provides a greater level of security and operability, and provides round-the-clock support. You can rely on Index’s global network to deliver secure IT infrastructure services that keep your business in business. All types of Infrastructure Solutions that Index provides can help your business operations reach the next level without having to sacrifice quality of output delivered

  • Businesses today need infrastructure that’s driven majorly by technology and generally constitutes expensive servers, workstations and hardware to keep pace with the competition. It is imperative to ensure foolproof arrangement for the safety of equipment as theft will not only impact performance, but will also put the company at a significant financial loss.
  • IPT solutions is an effective way to save on equipment, space and expense. IP-PBX Telephony Solutions with IP telephones help reduce cost without limiting performance. IP phones in an office share the same computer network which cuts back on space and equipment. The lack of wires also helps give offices a modern look.
  • Wi-Fi has emerged as one of the most popular forms of wireless networking in recent times. It is the preferred form of wireless networking in homes, business local area networks and public hotspots as it entails zero handling of cumbersome wires, routers or cables and helps you enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity.
  • Advanced, software-driven access control systems go beyond the conventional security tools that businesses use to provide access to authorized persons. Access control systems can deliver highly detailed audit trail reporting which can come extremely handy in knowing the presence of individuals at specific times within the business premises.
  • Structured network cabling involves using a flexible and singular cabling infrastructure to connect multiple computers, phones and other devices together. Specialized sockets are provided for plugging in your multiple devices. A central communication network cabinet is provided for connecting multiple cables from different work stations.
  • Create a culture of communication by interconnecting the office. This can be done at a low cost without sacrificing performance or security. Unified threat management (UTM) solutions offer a completely new approach to connectivity and security management. It incorporates multiple security technologies. A standard UTM solution includes a firewall, intrusion detection, gateway security, anti-malware software and content filtering along with other security features.
  • Modern data center face require working with the right tools and solutions. Modular, purpose-built data center infrastructure allows organizations to develop data center services based on need − when capacity rises and where capacity is needed. Engage Index to design and build modular, scalable and portable data center on modern technology offerings.
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