• Enterprise computing is a term that refers to a myriad of information technology (IT) tools that businesses use for efficient production operations and back office support. Some business software development firms have designed integrated IT systems that assist users throughout the company to perform numerous functions, and these systems are often touted as enterprise IT computing tools.
  • There is no denying it, the world is going digital. Experts predicts that the World’s data will grow by 50 times in the next decade making it imperative for businesses and organizations to plan for a storage solution that meets their digital needs without impairing growth. There are multiple options for data storage available including DAS, NAS, SAN, and Cloud storage
  • Index understands switching and routing is the core of your network. Using well-constructed network design reduces latency and increases the
  • With a range of robust and scalable internet security services and technology solutions, Index, one among the top it solution companies in Abu Dhabi, can help protect your business data center and technology assets. Our managed network security solutions can monitor, detect, report, and prevent attempts of hacking, intrusions, and misuse of critical business data and applications. Security is very important for anyone relying on technology to handle information
  • Award winning backup and replication combined into a single solution for making your data always available. Powerful, easy, affordable, data protection and availability suite for small business to large enterprise. Veeam backup and replication solution provides clients with a secure data and availability at all times which is critical for any organization.
  • Every business has to plan for business continuity if they want it to happen. This means looking at all aspects, including disaster recovery. Losing any amount of data can trigger significant losses outside the digital world. We focus on disaster recovery solutions to cut out data loss by creating a remote backup system that allows you to keep doing business and for your data to be available when you need it.
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